Hello there!!! Are you looking for the Hashtags and how to use them for your business?? Then you are at the right place.. 

Table of contents:

  • What are hashtags? 
  • How do hashtags work? 
  • What are the benefits of using hashtags? 
  • How Hashtags help you grow your business?
  • Few best tips for using hashtags.
  • Websites, which generates the best hashtags.
  • Hashtags limitations.

First let us understand 

“What are hashtags?”

A Hashtag is a word or the sentence which starts with a symbol # (this symbol is called a Hash) which helps the audience who are looking for specific content or the topic.

How do Hashtags work? 

Now you know the definition of Hashtag.

Casually the next question which raises in everyone’s mind is “How does it work”?

Don’t worry, this article completely explains about it. 

Now coming to your question: It’s simple the main objective of the Hashtags is to make sure the information of your content is easily available to your Niche audiences.

It always help you to organize your content on social media platforms. Coming to Social media,  Do you know when was the first Hashtag used and by whom? 

It was first used by the person “Chris Messina”. He was an American Blogger, Product Consultant, and speaker. (source

How did Chris use this? The First Hashtag was “#barcamp” which was used to tweet on the social media platform “Twitter”. Well many of you are aware of Twitter right!!!,  that’s where it all began. Then later on Facebook, Pinterest and on all other platforms it was introduced. 

They are considered as the one of the most powerful weapons to grow your audience. Organically growing your business / personal brand using the hashtags will take time, patience, and effort in order to achieve big results. But don’t worry the results will be fruitful and help you in gaining the trust of your audience.

For example, you want to scale your business on the social media platforms, list down which you find similar with your content like you’re running an Stainless Steel business, you’re selling different products related to steal which are used in home on daily basis, use them for exmaple #stainlesssteel #stainlesssteelKitchen #stainlesssteelcookware #yourbrand #productsubcategory etc, and all that are relevant to your Business / Company.

What are the benefits of using Hashtags:

The main benefit of a using hashtag is gaining your followers,  with this you can reach your target audience, get more engagements. With the help of the right content you will be able to attract new customers through hashtags. 

Branding helps in establishing a strong base for your business and hashtags help the brand in reaching your audience. And your products will have a strong place in the market. Creating a Hashtag with your business will help your audience  / customers to follow and keep up with the new products promotions.

You know right there is a lot of competition across the world, this will help you in keeping an eye on the competitors too. With the help of this you can track their content or promotions and learn from them. That doesn’t mean you can copy their content. Competitors are the ultimate teacher for us. 

How Hashtags help you grow your business? 

Many businesses use hashtags in their social media platforms, the business can be small scale or large scale. The hashtags help all kinds of businesses equally, the only thing is content should be informative and useful for your audience. 

Many social media channels help you in followi and also helps in keeping up with the latest trends and information. 

There are few types of Hashtags which will help you in growing your business:

  1. Trending Hashtags, has wonderful reach  to the audience. They go viral and also get engagement to your content, do list down and follow the trending ones.
  1. Brand hashtags, are those which are created for your own business which will represent your brand and are created from the starch and you know starting to create your own one and getting them viral or reach your audience is time consuming but it’s worth it. It will create the awareness of your brand in the audience. Make sure you use them properly.
  1. Product Hashtags, are those which will help you connect with the customers, since they always search and follow them. When you post content using them, you will be able to attract and get more engagements.
  1. Location hashtags, helps your products or services reach your audience by adding the specific locations. This helps in boosting visibility of your posts or reels in those specific areas. For example: you want to attract the audience from Bangalore area for your bakery business then use the one which are related to area like #Bangalore. It will reach the audience who are interested or looking for that location. 
  1. Niche hashtags, these are used for targeting a specific audience who holds the same interest from the vast industry. For example Shoes industry has many different categories under like men shoes, women shoes and kids shoes etc, but your business is about women shoes then you can easily them by adding the related hashtags as #womenshoes #womenshoestyle #womenshoestores etc;.

Few best tips for using hashtags:

  • Understand your market, Do proper research and list down all the hashtags which you feel are relevant and can reach your audience. 
  • They must be unique and make it short if possible, so that the audience won’t get confused. 
  • You can also use hashtag search tools, so that you can get more relevant ones and also understand their popularity.
  • If you are creating the new hashtags for your Brand/ business/ product. Make sure you study the rules given by the specific social media platforms. Remember they are not owned by anyone. 
  • You can follow and learn from the Influencers as they do marketing on popular brands. 

Websites, which generates the best hashtags :

Hashtag Generating Websites.
Hashtag Generating Websites.

There are many Hashtag generating websites available. I have shortlisted a few best websites for you to make your work easy. 

  1. Simplified.co : This website contains many features which helps in growing your content. It can design, scale, and the simplified AI writer has the hashtag generator feature which will help you in listing down and use them in any social media platforms. It has a free trial version. 
  1. Influencer marketing hub Instagram hashtag generator: This website contains many coolest tools which will help you in growing business. It has an Instagram Follower Growth Tracker, Instagram Stories Analytics, Image Resizer, Instagram Hashtag Generator and many other tools. The best part is the customers can learn about tools through eBook, courses, articles etc:, that are available in the website.
  1. All-Hashtag.com : This website has Hashtag Generator, Counter, Analytics features. You can generate any no.of just by entering the keywords and you can use those generated ones across the social media. You can also find top hashtags related to your niche. 
  1. Hashtagify.me : It is the free tool available online, this  website is used as the hashtag tracking tool. This tool will allow you to find them and you can also understand your competitors too. 
  1. Dailypurposes.com : it is a free hashtag generator tool. You can enter the keywords and find out the relevant ones for your business.
  1. Inflact.com : This is a multi purpose tool where you can download the photo and videos of any social media. You can also analyse your competitor profile from Instagram by using the analyze option (the account should be public) this feature helps you in finding the posts, videos etc, published by the profile owners and analysing them, it’s safe and secure. Coming to Hashtags generator, it has three options: hashtags generator, trends and details. The best thing is you can generate using photos and URLs too. You can generate N no.of them, this Inflact.com is a free tool. Sign up and explore the features.
  1. Keywordtool.io : This is a free online keyword research tool. You can generate hashtags for YouTube, Instagram, twitter etc; you can generate up-to 750+ keywords suggestions for your business. 
  1. Ritetag : This is a tool which generates the hashtags for any social media. You can add text or photo to generate and it also has the chrome extension. You can also see the current trending ones to help your posts reach and engagements.  Sign in and explore the other features given by the tool. 

Hashtags Limitations for Social Media Platforms:

The social media platforms that allow hashtags, and has limitations, so you can get the most out of your marketing campaigns. I have listed them below for your usage.

  • Instagram, 20 – 30 (for posts or reels)  10 (for stories) hashtags are recommended. 
  • Facebook, has No limitations.
  • LinkedIn, up-to 3 are recommended. 
  • YouTube, 15 hashtags.
  • Tiktok, No limitations but you can write up-to 100 characters.
  • Pinterest, has limit upto 20.
  • Tumblr, No Limitations.
  • Twitter, up-to 2 hashtags are recommended. 

Conclusion : 

I have explained about hashtags in detail and how to use them effectively for your business. I hope you have enjoyed reading and found this useful. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comment section.




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