Before discussing how to find your suitable niche. First, let’s understand what a niche is, because when you understand what this niche is, then you will be able to find your suitable niche.

Let’s come back to the definition of niche,

Niche means you’ll only target a specific group audience with your products or services who are interested in a large market. 

Niche is a combination of three major important things:

  • Passion 
  • Talent 
  • Market 

When these three things combine together it forms a unique product or service which will automatically stand out in the large market. When this happens then your product or service will be hit in the market and it attracts the customers. 

If you are choosing a niche in digital marketing, then there are many platforms where you can provide services like Social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, Copywriting, Search Engine optimization (SEO),  video and podcasting marketing, etc., learn a skill in depth and start providing your service to the customers. 

If you want to sell a product in an e-commerce store. For example, let’s take Hair care products as the niche. There are many haircare products in the market from the beginning, you want to sell a hair product which has natural ingredients like Mama Earth. In this niche you’re selecting a product which is unique (which has natural ingredients) and has a market place. When it has its unique value then the product will be hit. 


Micro niche is also known as Sub-niche. 

Micro niche is a type of niche where it covers only a specific part of a topic and targets the specific audience in your niche. 

It goes deeper into your niche, which is already divided from a large market.

Let’s assume your niche is digital marketing, you’re interested in providing services for Infulencers as social media marketer. Then you’re going to target them. This is called Micro niche. 

Instead of marketing your products or services to everyone out there in the market, you can target the audience or customer who are interested in your niche market. 

Steps To Find Your Suitable Niche:

  1. Find your Passion: Start searching for the niche which holds both your passion and talent. You may find this confusing. You can be good at many things. You can find your niche by listing down the top 5 topics which you’re passionate about. Think about the special skills you have in those areas which will make you unique.

Those topics should be which you’re interested in, where you enjoy working or even love to do it in your free time. 

Do research on topics which you have listed down, keep on repeating these steps for all the topics and you’ll be able to find your suitable niche.

  1. Find out the value of your niche in the market :Understanding the market value of any products or services is very important because when you choose the niche with low market value then you will find less competition. 

There are few amazing tools which will help you in market research 

  • Google Trends 
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Google keyword planner etc., 

These are few research tools and there are many tools available online.

Enter the keywords of your niche and see the search volume, depending on the search volumes in the tools you will figure out the value of your niche in the market. 

Hence choosing the niche with proper market value is difficult and challenging.

  1.  Find your customers problems :

You need to find out what kind of problems your niche customers are facing. When you start solving their problems you’ll be able to gain trust of your customers. There are few best platforms such as Quora where you can find the problems of the customers and solve them which will automatically generate leads for you. You can also have one on one conversations through emails. 

  1.  Do Competitor research:

Competitor research is very important, keep an eye on your competitor and see how they work and learn from them. Because competitors are the best teachers. From this you will be able to understand the competition your niche is having in the market and you can plan your market strategies and product research etc., accordingly.

  1.   Start testing your niche:

During your market research you must have understood the market value and about products or services but when you start implementing them in real then you will have experience and you will be able to figure out the outreach in the market in your niche. So testing is important.

Advantages of having Niche market:

  1. You can easily target your customers and add value to your products or services. You will be easily identified from large markets. 
  2. Niche helps businesses in gaining loyal customers and also build strong customer relationships. 
  3. Niche helps you in building a strong brand for yourself and for the company too. 
  4. When you choose your niche, you can target those customers for marketing. Hence marketing cost will reduce. 
  5. Since, you have narrowed down your niche, hence you will face less competition in the market compared to the large market. 
  6. You can gain high profits too. 

Conclusion :

 In this article i have briefly defined about NIche, Micro Niche, Steps for finding your niche and Advantages of having Niche market for the business. Hope you will find this article useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.



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