Well before getting to know more about marketing. Let’s ask ourselves ” What is Marketing? “

“Marketing is like a communication channel between Products and the customers.” 

Marketing is all about sending the right message to the person at the right time.

Now, you must be thinking Marketing is all about creativity, a marketer should have creativity to sell anything, Well that’s not true. 

Marketing is based on Science, not on creativity. Not Physics or Chemistry, but it is all about human psychology. Marketing starts even before creating the product, it starts with understanding the customers and what customer needs and that leads to creating a product which will find its fit. When it’s done your products will be hit. For example Apple, BMW, Audi etc.,

Marketing is not only about selling, it is also about keeping the existing customers happy through communicating with them, so that they will remain a customer for life. 

Let’s take an example of Amazon which belongs to the top Companies in the world. 

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994.

Amazon is an American Multinational Company which mainly focuses on E-commerce, Cloud Computing, Digital Streaming and Artificial intelligence. 

Amazon started selling Books online, in the following year amazon started selling Consumer electronics, games, software and toys. Later, in 2002 they launched Amazon Web services.They provide B2C (business to customers) where they sell products or services to the customers. 

Now, Amazon provides different services like Amazon pay, amazon Kindle, amazon prime etc., 

Initially Amazon started selling Books and now they sell everything online whether it can be small or big products. Amazon has expanded to other areas rapidly. 

They understand what their customers want and desire. Amazon has successfully captured customers’ trust with incredible discounts, by making it convenient for the customers to purchase online and hence customers visit their sites regularly for the purchases. 

Marketing means to an end. It helps you to build a strong brand and capture your customers mind and trust, Focus on the product.

Traditional Vs Digital marketing: 

Now Let’s understand traditional and digital marketing in depth. 

Digital marketing : Digital marketing is also called online marketing or internet marketing, advertising the products or services and to connect with their potential customers through the digital platforms like email, facebook, google or other social media platforms,SEO etc.,

Digital Marketing

Internet users in India are increasing rapidly, hence marketers can easily target their potential customers by displaying ads in their desired locations.

Traditional marketing :

Advertising the products or services through TV broadcast, billboards, newspaper ads, referrals, Radio etc., 

You know TV has a reach of 800 million to 1 billion people, whereas digital marketing is nowhere near to TV based on the numbers alone. 

Few companies use traditional marketing as well as digital marketing too, for example Amazon, Flipkart where these companies run Google ads, Facebook ads etc., also give advertisements on the TV too.

Another example for marketing is MCDonald’s, where they use billboards, TV, social media to attract customers to their company restaurants. Their main motive is to keep customers happy.

Direct response marketing :

There is a catch: Most people who run ads don’t know whether the ads work or not. 

Direct response marketing is a marketing strategy where it encourages the immediate response from the customers which gives quick generation leads. 

For example : A late night TV advertisement with the phone number to call and place quick orders. 

An AD which leads to a landing page with a lead form. Or sales page with product to purchase like e-book, case study etc., 

CATT marketing Funnel:

The funnel was discovered by my mentor Deepak Kanakaraju. 

According to him, 

Wealth= n*CATT.

Describes about CATT Funnel.
CATT Funnel

n = Niche, if you want to achieve success and wealth in your career, then Niche plays an important role. 

Niche is combination of three things 

  • Passion
  • Talent
  • Market

Choose a topic which holds your passion and focus on it, discover your talent and do research on the market. Discover your Niche.

C- Content, create useful content which helps you in attracting people to your niche. It can be on blog, videos, posts on social media, live webinar etc.,

A-Attention :You have created content now drive the attention to that content using SEO, Social media, paid ads etc.,

T-Trust : Trust plays an important role, hence build trust with your audience with marketing automation, retargeting.

T-Transaction : Convert your leads which you have attracted into customers with a natural sales method.

The power of personal branding:

Describes Personal branding.
Personal Branding.

People want to hear from people, not from brands. 

Many entrepreneurs build a strong brand which will have a strong impact on the people’s minds.

For example Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Kylie Jenner etc. These people have more followers than their companies because their personal brand is personal and it’s deep. 

To become an Influencer, entrepreneur or brand ambassador for any companies, Personal branding is important.

The evolution of a personal brand :

Describes about mass trust blueprint.
Mass Trust Blueprint

Learn : Learning helps you in developing new skills. Learn concepts, understand facts and always practice procedures. Learning never ends, we get to learn something new everyday.

Work: learning the new skills is not enough, you have to put those skills to work. Go from the practice to implementation. You know implementing those skills in the real world helps you in better understanding.

Blog: Always write what you have learnt and what you have experienced while implementing it. Writing helps you understand it better and helps you in starting building your personal brand. 

Consult: Now you have built your personal brand through blog, experience and hard work. You can start consulting others instead of working for them. 

Mentor : Mentor the others of what you have learnt. When you teach others, it will scale your understanding to a new level. 

Start-up : Start your service or products business with the experience and understanding that you have developed in that market.

This evolution is continuing and repeating throughout.

Conclusion :

In this article I have Explained about Marketing, Traditional and Digital Marketing, the CATT Funnel, The Power of Personal Branding and the Evolution of a Personal Brand. Read the article and comment below.